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The Reishi Slices market is better than last year.

According our mushroom factory manager said in half year 09 ,we have exported Reishi slices to Europ .The exported quantity is larger than last year.The Reishi (Latin Name: Ganoderma lucidum) is Chinese tea products.It is populer to used for tea.Also it is good for sleeping. It is used for tea in Japan and China for a long history.Most housworker make cooking or soup by Reishi.But Reishi is hard products like woods.So our co.processed Reishi Slices to used easily for cooking and Reishi tea.You just used 3-4 pieces and put in one of cup .Then use 50ML hot water(Best boiling water).Wait for 5Min. can take Reishi tea.That is good for your health.Of course Reishi is a lovey story in Chinese history.Right now our co.also can processed and supply Reishi powder,Reishi extract,Reishi broken spore powder,Whole dried Reishi.We have our Reishi base farm.The New Reishi season is coming now.Wamly welcome you visit our Reishi farm soon.

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