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Our mushroom products will be showed in Kolen
In October 5-10,2013 ,Our co. will be showed our mushroom products in Anugu ,Kolen Food Fair in German. Booth Number:Hall1 H-52 We will show dried mushroom,mushroom slices,Mushroom powder,Mushroom extract powder,Chinese herb products. Please feel free to visit our Booth.
Our co. will show our mushroom products in Germany food fair in Oct.2011
Dear customers: PLease try to vizit our booth in food fair in Germany in Oct.8-12,2011.We will show our mushroom products in this time.Such as shiitake,maitake,reishi,agaricus,champignon,boletus edulis,oyster,black fungi,white fungi,ect.Mushroom powder,mushroom extract,mushroom slices,mushroom samll...
The Reishi Slices market is better than last year.
According our mushroom factory manager said in half year 09 ,we have exported Reishi slices to Europ .The exported quantity is larger than last year.The Reishi (Latin Name: Ganoderma lucidum) is Chinese tea products.It is populer to used for tea.Also it is good for sleeping. It is used for tea in J...
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